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Oil on canvas, original 80 × 80 cm, the original is not for sale.

Hand signed print on canvas

in limited and numbered edition (10 pieces) available 400,- €.

The image exudes a tremendous peace. Relax, meditate … feel good at home and relax and maybe read a good book in a new feel-good atmosphere with japanese flair.

Your new favorite piece for the living room or bedroom wherever you want.

A Geisha (Jap. 芸 者 “person of arts”) is a Japanese entertainer, wich presents the traditional Japanese arts. The geisha profession has its origins in the taikomochi or Hokan(most comparable to solo entertainers at court) and was initially exercised by men.

The first women began to exercise the geisha profession around the 17th century . They had were called onna geisha (女 芸 者, “female Geisha”).

The heyday of geishas was in the 18th and 19th centuries, during this time their services were in demand as entertainers and affordable; also they were trendsetters in fashion. After the Meiji Restoration changed their role to Keepers of the traditional arts.

In most Japanese cities there had been Quaters in the past, wich were called Hanamachi (“Flower Quarter”). In these entertainment areas geishas lived together (female large families or their apartment building) in Okiyas.

Today, only a few hanamachi exist, the most famous of them in Kyoto, the center of Japan’s geisha culture. The largest and best known hanamachi is Gion. The number of geishas steadily declining, and their services are expensive and exclusive.

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