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Enso – circle – zen symbol

Enso – circle – zen symbol

enso – circle – zen symbol – infinity

Oil on canvas, original 120 x 90 x 2 cm, original 2200, – €.

Hand signed print on canvas

in limited and numbered edition (10 pieces) available 680,- €.

You look at the circle and have an immediate sense of peace, harmony, relaxation, lightness, balance and comfort.

Relax, meditate and just feel good. Every Day.

Your new resting place in the living room or bedroom…wherever you want.

The Ensō (円 相, Japanese: circle) is a symbol of Japanese calligraphy (see Shodo, the way of writing), which is closely associated with Zen Buddhism.

Although Ensō is a symbol and not a letter, it is one of the most common drawings in Japanese calligraphy. It symbolizes enlightenment, strength, elegance, the Universe and the void, but it can also symbolize the Japanese aesthetic & itself. As “expression of the moment” Ensō is often understood as a form of expressionist art.

In Zen Buddhism, the Ensō is considered a sacred symbol and is often used by Zen masters as a signature to their religious artworks.

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